Developing and managing your own websites?
No costs anymore for changes to your webpage's?

Convinced? Give your web and related worries to us out of hands.
When you have made the decision to make the step towards the SCMS platform we can support and be off service on many places. !
For domain registrations, webhosting and support you will have directly contact with one of our employees

In the case of any graphical design work, building of a new website, the transfer from your already existing website or maybe even automation, other marketing business, printed matter, lettering and so on…. We have a network of independent specialists who can be at the service on local and personal level.

For more information or a meet and greet with one of our specialists in your neighbourhood you can always contact us by phone: 0031 88 – 428 26 00 or by the contact button in the menu here above.
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Stands for Content Management System. This is a system where you can easily change the content of your website and manage it. On that way you can change a part of the website what has been secured before you changed it.

Free demo account.
When you click on the button “SCMS demo” here above u will have to possibility to apply for a demo account. With this you can try out SCMS for 30 days and see if SCMS gives what it promises. When you are convinced about the ease, the reliability and the time/costs saving what SCMS is going to give for you and your organisation, the demo account can be changed to a permanent account. What you already have created with your demo account then also will be transferred to your permanent account.

In the case of the SCMS platform for online development and the management of webpages, you can in opposition of other CMS platforms change your webpage’s or adding content without any limitations.

With SCMS can people on base of a graphical design ( no limitations in the shape of binding templates ) create a own webpage and afterwards easily change or extend the webpage without any knowledge of programming. With this we don’t only mean the text on a webpage but everything from images to links and from functions to forms on any webpage. It is not necessary anymore to work with difficult HTML language or other codes. With the SCMS platform this will be fully visualised in the Graphical user interface (GUI). SCMS makes the building of a website as easy as the building with a box of bricks..